Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Frank McCabe

I met Frank McCabe whilst working in my hometown of Lancaster, he use to come in regularly for a latte after his workout in the gym and always spent time to have a chat with the staff. Unknown to me at the time Frank's younger years are quite well known throughout the boxing community. We spent a lot of time chatting and it became very apparent Frank's life would make for a good photographic project, possibly a book.

At a young age Frank began training at The Boys Club, Lancaster, working on the punch bag. Within a short about of time Frank's determination and potential was recognised by the Amateur Boxing Association and he was soon competing in national events. He still to this day trains every day using the same punch bag that has carried him throughout his career, and believe me he can still whack that bag with great force.

Below is a look at the first edit from the book I created, it is a mix of old cuttings from newspapers and articles, mixed with new photographs taken by myself. I really wanted to get across the determination and hard work that Frank put into his life, amateur boxing is unpaid but this was never an issue for him. Frank always wanted to push himself as hard as he could, and this is apparent not just through his boxing but within his professional career as a chef and also when speaking to his loving family. Frank is a true hidden hero and someone I will always keep in close contact with.

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