Monday, 7 October 2013


For a while now I have had a fascination with bee's. Hard working... very intelligent... honey making... flower pollinating... a community tightly working together for each other.... and above all an insect our ecosystem could barely survive without!

More and more people have started to keep bee's. Wether its for honey production for a bit of extra cash, helping with pollination of your home grown fruits and flowers , or just through sheer interest, our back gardens or outside living spaces are ideal dwellings for our busy friends. Due to the extensive farming bee's are finding life hard in the country side and long for the vast array of garden flowers grown at our homes, its simple... Bees need flowers for sustenance, and flowers need bees for pollination.

Here are a few of my first shots taken with bee keeper Raefe Lettey, Tomintoul.  He keeps buckfast bees, and cross bred honey bees. Living in the highlands Raefe hopes to make use of the local heather to produce... you guessed it... heather honey. I will be following Raefe and his bees throughout the year. If anyone knows of any bee keepers near them who wouldn't mind  a quick photoshoot? Please get in touch.

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